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Export and Import Management

This is devoted to management of the steps to consider when developing an export or import strategies. Here we explore the roles of a wide variety of third-party intermediaries and determine major issues related to export financing, including the use of countertrade as a form of payment mechanism.

Managing international export and import activities is strategic intent of our business. With our supply chain solutions, we provide a single source in managing shipments with the provision of custom clearance and freight forwarding.


To take a closer look at different internal and external factors pertaining to export and import strategies.

Export and import business plans that will assess market potential and procedural issues thus determining how to get goods and services in and out of the market.

Tools and Techniques
~ Market Analysis Tools (ITC)
~ Trade Statistics
~ Tariffs and Market Requirements
~ The International Transaction Chain

To become familiar with the customs operations of home and host countries.

Identify a country’s import and export procedures and restrictions.

Tools and Techniques
~ Instruments and Tools for Trade Facilitation (WCO)
~ Conventions and Recommendations (WCO)
~ Customs Controls

To deal with agents or distributors in a foreign country or third-party intermediaries and facilitate trading.

Provide specialist advice and assistance with the complex documentation that accompanies exports and imports.

Tools and Techniques
~ Entry Manifest
~ Commercial Invoice
~ Packing List

To explore various forms of trade regulations and requirements under the best of circumstances, and figure out the best option from the public and private sectors.

Receive government and non-government assistance in terms of direct loans, bank guarantees and insurance against commercial and political risks.

Tools and Techniques
~ Sales Finance
~ Credit and Insurance
~ Countertrade



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