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Human Resource Management

Firms the world over agree on the importance of qualified personnel to achieve their foreign growth and operational objectives. We broadly deal with two primary human resource concerns, beginning with international management qualifications and characteristics then the advantages of transferring and promoting home country versus expatriate versus third-country managers, plus the associated issues of compensation, repatriation and compliance.

We also explore international labor concerns, including comparative labor relation issues and the role of the multinationals in the collective bargaining process.


To discuss the importance of human resource management in international business and economy.

See HRM from the perspective that successful companies staff their operations with people who can leverage their core competencies while dealing with pressures for local responsiveness and global integration.

Tools and Techniques
~ International Strategy
~ Multidomestic Strategy
~ Global and Transnational

To profile principal types of staffing policies used by international companies.

Centers on the decision of whether to run international operations with local workers in the host nation, expatriates sent from the home country or third-country nationals.

Tools and Techniques
~ Ethnocentric Approach
~ Polycentric Approach
~ Geocentric Approach

To explain the qualifications of international managers.

Deal with differing pay levels, benefits and other prerequisites.

Tools and Techniques
~ Balance Sheet Approach

To examine how MNEs select, prepare, compensate, and retain managers

Screen executives to find those with the greatest inclination and highest potential for a foreign assignment.

Tools and Techniques
~ Technical Competence
~ Adaptiveness and Leadership
~ Training, Counselling and Repatriation

To profile MNEs’ relations with organized labor

Take charge of the company’s relations with labour both within a particular country as well as within the global context, and monitor and manage a range of workplace issues that fall under the broad umbrella of international labour relations.

Tools and Techniques
~ Collective Bargaining
~ Mediation and Reconciliation



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