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Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Important objectives shared by the manufacturing and supply chain functions are to simultaneously lower costs and increase quality by eliminating defects from both processes. We examine supply chain networks to see how firms can manage the various links most effectively.

We begin by discussing global manufacturing strategy, then move on to explore supply chain management issues, quality standards and supplier networks. We conclude with a development of inventory management and the development of effective transportation networks.


To describe different dimensions of global manufacturing strategy.

Encompass the coordination of materials, information and funds from the initial raw materials supplier to the ultimate customer.

Tools and Techniques
~ Value Chain Analysis
~ Total Cost Analysis

To examine the key elements of global supply chain management.

Discuss how information system is a key part of the global supply chain management, and how quality management, supplier and transportation networks, and inventory management relies on information technology to be effective.

Tools and Techniques
~ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
~ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
~ Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
~ Radio Frequency ID (RFID)
~ E-Commerce, Extranets and Intranets
~ Private Technology Exchange (PTX)

To show how quality affects the global supply chain.

Conformance to specifications, value, fitness for use, support (provided by the company) and psychological impressions (image).

Tools and Techniques
~ Total Quality Management (TQM)
~ Six Sigma
~ Quality Standards

To illustrate how domestic and foreign supplier networks and sourcing functions for the production process.

Select the best supplier, establish a solid relationship and continuously evaluate the suppliers’ performance to ensure the best price, quality and on-time delivery possible.

Tools and Techniques
~ Global Sourcing
~ Outsourcing Configurations
~ Make or Buy

To explain how inventory management is a key dimension of the global supply chain.

Manage the flow and storage of inventory.

Tools and Techniques
~ Lean Manufacturing
~ Just-In-Time (JIT)

To present different alternatives for transporting products along the supply chain from suppliers to customers.

Logistics system that links together suppliers and manufacturers on the one hand and manufacturers and final consumers on the other.

Tools and Techniques
~ Third-Party Intermediaries



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