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Historically an agrarian society‚ agriculture is still the foundation of Nepal’s economy. While agriculture’s share of national GDP has declined in recent years‚ giving rise to service sector as a major force – the sector still employs over 70% of Nepal’s working population.

Fertile ground of Nepal makes it ideal for cultivation and commercialization of major value crops. Nepal is a major producer of cardamom‚ ginger‚ tea‚ coffee‚ medicinal herbs etc and with ever increasing interest of upcoming young entrepreneurs in this sector – the potential of Nepal’s agribusiness is huge.

Still‚ several constraints remain as a barrier‚ including lack of infrastructure and technology, and difficulty in market access. The challenge for Nepal’s agribusiness is to consolidate world-class business model that would transform the inefficient‚ traditional sector to modern‚ sustainable and economic value chain.



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