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Infrastructure and Energy

An isolated country for much of its history‚ Nepal only began real infrastructural development during and after the 1950s. The government has since then made efforts to provide increased access to education‚ transportation‚ communication‚ health‚ energy and other infrastructure services. However‚ the country till date remains an impoverished nation with minimal infrastructural developments.

Infrastructure‚ especially transportation‚ plays a vital role in the overall development and socio-economic transformation of a country. Especially a country like Nepal‚ where geography is a major hurdle‚ road development is very important‚ considering the unfeasibility of air transport in all regions. Also‚ considering the energy crisis‚ infrastructure related to electricity is the most important economic challenges to be addressed.

Progress has been made‚ but internal bottlenecks remain. Efficiency‚ managerial competency as well as technical expertise are‚ more than ever‚ necessary if Nepal is to rise upto the challenges posed by the global‚ modern economy.



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