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Metal, Mining and Natural Resources

Nepal‚ with its diverse mountainous geological conditions‚ has long been considered good for metallic and non-metallic natural resources excavation. Several types of minerals including those commonly used for construction and decoration purpose are believed to be available in the country. In addition‚ Nepal also possesses vast water‚ forest‚ agricultural and medicinal resources. The country is also believed to hold some amount of natural gas and oil resource‚ however‚ research on the same has been unsatisfactory till date.

Progress has been made in the metal and mining department with iron, steel and cement industry leaping forward. However‚ perennial economic hurdles of lack of infrastructure‚ energy and political will remain a constant nuisance.

The need of the hour for the country is to exploit its potentials and turn the underutilized natural resources into income generating economic resources. Furthermore‚ considering the volatile environment businesses need to rethink strategies focusing more value creation and balancing production‚ quality and cost in order to stay relevant in the competitive landscape.



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