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Public Health

Drawing on wide experience of public sector transformation, we help our clients strengthen the systems that underpin health delivery. We address the smallest details on the ground and understand the wider role of health as a cornerstone for successful development

We work in long-term partnerships with international donors, governments, philanthropic organisations and NGOs to develop practical and innovative programmes that lead to sustained improvements in health outcomes.


Achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in low- and middle- income countries has become an overwhelming global priority. Transforming this ambition into reality is a key technical focus for us. We provide technical assistance across the health financing functions, tackling fundamental questions such as, how to ensure the equity principles embedded in UHC are respected when collecting revenues for health? How to raise additional revenues? How to enable, in theory and in practice, a pooling system that allows for the greatest level of cross subsidisation and how to purchase services in the most efficient way and choose the most appropriate type of benefit package to include in UHC?

From research and analysis to the development of financing strategies and the implementation of sector reforms, dkompany works across the economic cycle to help governments raise and manage revenues for health.

Sound and reliable information is the foundation of decision-making across all health system building blocks, and is essential for health system policy development and implementation, governance and regulation, health research, human resources development, health education and training, service delivery and financing.

dkompany uses a variety of tools to support the diagnosis and evaluation stages, from quantitative surveys to qualitative research, impact evaluations, value for money analysis, data envelopment analysis, stochastic frontier analysis, public expenditure reviews, public expenditure tracking surveys, amongst others.

Ensuring that the right health worker is at the right place at the right time is one of the most challenging tasks a government has to achieve to provide good quality care.

To support governments achieve this, dkompany provides diagnostic analysis (such as Discrete Choice Experiments), reform implementation and evaluation of reform packages in order to help governments make the right staffing decisions and appointments.

Health care today occupies a fragmented environment that needs to adapt to rapid change in order to provide continuous and coordinated people-centred care. Health service delivery faces increasing public demands for access to and use of new technologies, new medications and new models of care, as well as higher expectations of quality and safe care.

dkompany supports governments in transforming health systems and implementing reforms that translate into more equitable and high quality health service delivery as well as more effective governance arrangements, through rendering technical assistance in health sector policy and strategic planning, designing and implementing governance frameworks and health network master plans, supporting organizational development and institutional strengthening, and competence assessments and capacity building of health systems, hospital and PHC managers.

Water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are basic services, crucial to human and economic development. For large numbers of the world’s population, however, these services remain out of reach with WASH infrastructure simply not existing or, where it does exist, being mismanaged. Links between WASH and health systems are often overlooked, although, with the right policies in place, many countries have seen rapid increases in access to WASH, improved health outcomes and falling child mortality.

dkompany's core expertise lies in WASH economics and finance, alongside a strong cross-sectoral reputation for process and impact evaluation.



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