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A British Reboot of Legal Education - Law School Optional
May 2017|Legal
The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulatory body that oversees the legal profession in England and Wales, has enacted a major overhaul of legal training and solicitor licensure to take effect in 2020.
The Global Forces Inspiring a New Narrative of Progress
May 2017| Legal
Growth is shifting, disruption is accelerating, and societal tensions are rising. Confronting these dynamics will help you craft a better strategy, and forge a brighter future.
McKinsey Quarterly
Is the Legal Sector Embracing the Tech Revolution?
April 2017 |Legal
Dan Taylor, director of systems at Fletchers Solicitors, explains how the legal sector is opening its mind to the innovations tech has to offer.
The New Ways to Win in Emerging Markets
April 2017 |Legal

How to develop the right capabilities to lead global growth.

Sustainable Compliance: Seven Steps Toward Effectiveness and Efficiency
March 2017|Legal

Banks do not control the demand for compliance, but they can optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their response.

Responsible Business Trends 2017 – Report
March 2017|Legal
Between December 2016 and January 2017 Ethical Corporation surveyed its global community to identify the key issues, opportunities and trends in corporate responsibility and sustainability.
Ethical Corporation
When Sustainability Becomes a Factor in Valuation
March 2017 |Legal

Sustainability efforts are material to investors only to the extent they affect cash flows. What matters depends on the industry.

McKinsey Interview
Legal Sector Snapshot 2017 - Support in a Global Marketplace
February 2017| Legal

In an increasingly globalised world, law firms must be able to provide clients with worldwide legal support, and successful mergers will ensure they can compete.

The Lawyer
The Artful Synergist, or How to Get More Value from Mergers and Acquisitions
February 2017|Legal

Keeping your deal team small ensures confidentiality, but pinpointing synergies requires bringing more people on board. Here’s how to strike the right balance.

Is Your Company Fit for Growth?
January 2017|Legal
A more strategic approach to costs can help you prepare for the next round of expansion.
Tailoring Your Integration Approach to Specific Deals
January 2017|Legal
Every merger or acquisition is different, yet many companies stick to the same integration playbook. Here’s how to tailor your approach.
Global Migration’s Impact and Opportunity
December 2016|Legal

Migration has become a flashpoint for debate in many countries. But research finds that it generates significant economic benefits—and more effective integration of immigrants could increase those benefits.

McKinsey Global Institute
The Top 10 Issues for Sustainability in 2016
December 2016 |Legal

US politics trumped Brexit in Ethical Corporation's review of the stories that had the greatest impact on companies in a turbulent year

Ethical Corporation
Joint-Venture Road Map for the Little(r) Guy
November 2016 |Legal

International partnerships can put parties at odds, but there are ways for smaller firms to avoid common conflicts and stick up for themselves.

Business Beyond Brexit
November 2016|Legal

Negotiations on the U.K.’s split from the European Union could take years. Instead of waiting, enterprise leaders should rethink their strategies now.

The Legal Perspective on Wellness Programs
October 2016 | Legal

Recent ADA-related challenges raise questions over corporate initiatives designed to improve employees’ health.

Fine-tuning Family Businesses for a New Era
October 2016| Legal

Family businesses were the particular beneficiaries of three decades of favorable global economics. Now operating a la familia should prompt soul-searching about how they manage their unique strengths.

What Aristotle Can Teach Firms About CSR
September 2016 |Legal

In Aristotelian thought, virtue ethics are supposed to lead to a good outcome - happiness. Corporate virtues, once nurtured and established, can lead to happy stakeholders and, ultimately, better performance. But it will take a rethinking by companies around the globe.

Harvard Business Review
Policy in the Data Age: Data Enablement for the Common Good
August 2016 | Legal

Like companies in the private sector, governments from national to local can smooth the process of digital transformation—and improve services to their “customers,” the public—by adhering to certain core principles. Here’s a road map.

Against ‘Sustainability’
August 2016|Legal

Instead of sustainability, we should instead speak of adaptability, a term that skews away from the idea of a perfect, ordered nature and unchanging industrial-technological conditions.

The New York Times
Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Don’t Hurt Business
July 2016|Legal

New ILO report looks at how the increasing number of labour provisions in trade agreements are impacting the world of work.

International Labour Organization
An Expensive Law Degree, and No Place to Use It
June 2016 | Legal

Given the tectonic shifts in the legal landscape, the relevant issue may not be how much law schools should shrink. Today the more important question is whether they should exist at all.

New York Times
4 Ways the World’s Least Developed Countries can Improve Trade and Investment
May 2016 |Legal

It is long overdue to offer genuine hope to millions of people who for too long have been denied the prosperous future they deserve.

World Economic Forum
What Trade Deals Are Good For
May 2016 |Legal

A logical implication of the externality argument is that trade agreements lead to freer trade. The case for free trade rests on strong assumptions that may or may not be reasonable.

Harvard Business Review
The World's First Artificially Intelligent Lawyer Was Just Hired at a Law Firm
May 2016 |Legal

Lawyers often get a bad reputation for being slimy and conniving (deservedly or not), but ROSS has neither of those qualities.

Tech Insider
Negotiating a Better Joint Venture
April 2016 |Legal
As important as it is to secure the right terms for a shared enterprise, it is just as critical to form a sustainable relationship.
6 Common Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them
April 2016 |Legal

Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that starting a business is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. At the same time, many will caveat that getting a business off the ground is harder than most people think.

Nepal Investment Guide 2016
April 2016 |Legal
An official guide on the investment prospects and opportunities in Nepal
Investment Board of Nepal
Your Guide to The Panama Papers
April 2016 |Legal
Explore dozens of stories in this interactive to see who did what and how
This Woman May Be the Greatest Example Ever of Faking It Till You Make It
April 2016 |Legal

We're all pretending a little, aren't we? This, though, is an incredible example of someone who pretended a lot.

Law Graduate Gets Her Day in Court, Suing Law School
March 2016|Legal

Anna Alaburda’s case against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which she attended nearly a decade ago, is going to trial.

New York Times
It’s Time to Seal the Deal on Global-Trade Reform
March 2016|Legal

A WTO agreement to cut red tape would reduce costs of trade by around 15%.

Wall Street Journal
A Very Legal Coup: The Accountancy Giants
February 2016|Legal

By 2018 The Lawyer UK 200 is likely to have a new member of its £100m+ revenue club, and it won’t be a law firm.

The Lawyer
The Only Thing You Should Consider When Accepting or Leaving a Legal Job
February 2016|Legal

Are you thinking about leaving a legal job or accepting a new one? Make sure you consider this very important factor before making your move.

Going Global Report 2015: What does it take to go global?
February 2016|Legal

As you look to expand your organization overseas, you need to know how to capitalize on the opportunities that are out there, but at the same time you need to be aware of the risks.

Thomson Reuters
Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal: Towards Second Generation of Reforms
January 2016|Legal

The paper has attempted to provide a broad framework of guiding principles for the second generation of reforms for FDI.

Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation
Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Creative Economy
January 2016|Legal

The global IP system should be seen as a tool to regulate and facilitate trade, information and knowledge in innovative and creative goods and services.

World Economic Forum
Foreign Direct Investment as a Key Driver for Trade, Growth and Prosperity
January 2016|Legal

The Case for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment

World Economic Forum
Business Environment Rankings
January 2016|Legal

Which country is best to do business in?

The Economist Intelligence Unit
Ten Regulatory Risk Insights for Asia Pacific in 2015
January 2016|Legal

2015 will be the year that marks the end of major international regulatory reforms designed to lessen the occurrence of another financial meltdown and a renewed emphasis on ethics and customer responsibility.

Thomson Reuters
Doing Business in International Markets
January 2016|Legal

International Trade Legal Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Develop Trade Law
Doing Business in China
January 2016|Legal

A Pocket Guide

McKinsey & Company
Doing Business in India
January 2016|Legal

An Overview

J. Sagar Associates
Doing Business 2016
January 2016|Legal

Economy Profile of Nepal


World Bank Group
Doing Business 2015
January 2016|Legal

Comparing Business Regulations for domestic firms in 189 economies.

World Bank Group

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