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International Partners

We work with major international organisations to scale up sustainable economic solutions.


Asian Franchise Academy, Thailand


Associates for Development Services Limited (ADSL), Bangladesh


B&S Europe, Belgium


BO International Business & Services Group, The Netherlands


Computants Inc, Canada


China Import and Export Fair, China


Communique International, Ireland


Compliance International, India


CYE Consult, Belgium


Enterprise Ireland, Ireland


Galvin International, UK


Global Manager Consulting, Columbia


Global Rights Compliance, UK


Gustavo da Cunha Design & Consulting group, Portugal


IMC Worldwide, UK


Indevelop, Sweden


Innovare, Singapore


Integra, US


Italtrend C&T, Italy


JK Tech, India


JLM Compliance, UK


naisA Global, US


OnFrontiers, US


Pallas Athena Consulting, India


Planet Partnerships, US


PricewaterhouseCoopers, India


Project Management Institute, India


PP Pariyojana, India


SSA Business Solutions, India


The Universal Trade Route, Hong Kong


Trading Technology Consulting, UK

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